Progress Update: September 5

Posted on September 5th, 2014 at 12:21 pm by Greg in Site Changes | Site Updates | Writings - (0 Comments)

Again, another long time since my last update.  I promise I’ll keep regular updates once I get this thing finished.

On my last update, I mentioned that I would be looking at a late September release.  I can’t say for sure if I can or not now.  I’m going to still try.  I have still haven’t done the cover or any illustrations yet.  I’m still in my artistic slump.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the story 100% complete.  I was happy with it too, then I started really looking at it.  As you can tell from the two samples that I posted, my story is written in present tense.  After some research and reading, I found this was not really the norm (I knew that already, but for some reason it felt more comfortable to write in present tense).  Because of that, I am now converting the whole thing to past tense.  This is proving to be a hefty challenge for me as I’m having to restructure a lot of sentences, and I keep finding myself missing changes or want to revert back to present.

This is slowing me down, a lot, but I will try to get as much as I can before the end of the month.  This is the kind of thing I wanted to avoid — doubting myself and feeling the need to change what I already thought was working.

Some good news is, I’ve added a new section to the site, titled Bonus Content.  What will be found here is additional material that I may add to the stories after I’ve already published them, or just providing extra story info as a thank you to the readers.  I also plan to add extra story and character information.  Of course, I don’t have anything yet (mainly since I don’t have anything published), but I am planning some interesting stuff.

So, that’s it for now, and I will try to post more often from now on.


Progress Update: June 28

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Been awhile since my last update.  I’ve taken some time off from things to clear and reset my head, so I didn’t get much done over the last few weeks.  The good news is, I have about 99% of the writing complete.  I’ve gone through the story a third time, fixed a lot of errors, and added a thing or two here and there.  I still have to write the little blurb about myself, and at that point, the writing will be complete.

Problem is, I’m currently hung up on the cover (I do have a design for it) and the illustrations.  Years ago, I used to draw a lot.  Then I stopped.  Since then, I haven’t been able to get anything out that I like, so I’m currently stuck with an artist’s block.  I really don’t want this to be a hindrance, so I am going to find some way to do it.  I really just need to sit down one night and start sketching like crazy, and maybe something will come of it.

If things go well, I may be looking at a late September release date for this book.  That will be almost one full year after I started.  We’ll see if that holds true or not, but that’s the plan as of right now.

So until next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Progress Update: May 6

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Got some good news.  The majority of the writing is finished, and I finally have a title for Book One (not being revealed just yet).  Right now, I have a few people going over an early preview of the book and giving me their input, corrections, and questions.  I’m also going through and doing some serious proofreading.  Chapter 1 still has problems, but the later chapters seem to have less errors.  The reasoning for that may be because I started writing Chapter 1 in 2008, and I was being way too complex and critical of my own writing.  I’ve learned to loosen up, and the writing flows better, and I seem to make less mistakes.

I still have yet to really do anything with the illustrations, but I have some ideas in my head.  What I really need to do is to go out and buy some new sketchbooks and pencils/pens.  Maybe starting fresh instead of using the same books I have in the past may release my mental drawing block.  I will be sure to keep everyone posted on the status of the drawings (as they are the last major piece of this puzzle).

In other news, writing for the second book is already underway.  I have the prologue completed, and I’m several pages into the first chapter.  Ideas aren’t as concrete with this book as they were for the first one, but I’m sure as I get deeper into it, my creative juices will have no problem providing information.  But, no details will be provided on Book Two until the first one has been published, other than some real serious (and possibly deadly) stuff will be going down in this volume.

And hopefully, that all important day when I announce publishing will come soon!

Keep your fingers crossed.  Gweg out!

Progress Update: April 24

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Well, I have decided to do weekly updates for the time being.  Since I have been so focused on the writing (instead of anything else for the book), I thought it’d be best if I kept a log of where I’m at.

I have been very busy with work and real life stuff lately, and it’s been filling a lot of my time, however, it hasn’t stopped me from writing (maybe just slowed me a little).  I am still on the rewrite of Chapter 5, but it is getting very close.  I am working on the final confrontation scene now, and as I said last week, this will be the most involved rewrite I will be doing.

The good news is, thanks to some crappy weather that will be here tomorrow and the fact that I have to work Saturday, I will be unable to work on a different project I have to do outside.  That means I will be doing a lot of writing this weekend, and that also means I may actually be finished with the major rewrite portion.  Once I’m at that point, I will have a surprise that I am going to announce on my Facebook status, so keep an eye out!

After the rewrites, I’ll just have some minor story revisions, and then it will be onto editing and proofreading.  At that point, I should be able to start focusing on the cover and illustration designs.

I can’t wait, as this is all starting to finally come together!

See you soon!

I thought it was time I gave an update on where I’m at with my writing.  At the current moment, I am about halfway through my first rewrite of Chapter 5 (out of 5 chapters).  This is proving to be my most difficult and involved chapter.  I’m not sure what I was doing when I initially wrote it, but looking at it now, it feels as if I rushed it.  Action scenes were short, and ended way too quickly.  So, as I’m going back over it, I’m adding more detail and information that were originally just not there.  An example would be how I took 4 paragraphs, and turned them into 5 (8.5×11) pages.  I still have more to go.  The last fight in the chapter is definitely going to be getting a heavy rewrite.

After that, I still need to go back through each chapter, add anything I feel is missing, and do a lot of proofreading.  I also still have illustrations that I want to add, but no style or even motivation to draw anything (this is going to be a huge hurdle) — this includes the cover.  After all that, I may be ready to get it published.

So, with still so much on my plate, I have no idea when this will be ready.  Time will tell.  I plan to not take as long with the other books I plan to put out.  This first one has been a real learning experience, and I seem to be getting better at it with the rewrites of each chapter.

In other news, I did a little work on the site.  I made a few minor changes to the postings, added sections for writing and illustration samples, updated the About section, and added a Site Policy section.  I figured if I plan to use this site more, I better get it functioning more like a real site.  More changes may come in the future, but I’ll add those when then come to mind.

Until next time!